• 19th June - lots of moths and even some amphibians!

    A great day for mothing today!! Plus found lots of other pretty cool species, and even a newt in one of the traps!

    Argal Trap 1

    Green Carpet

    Light brown Apple

    4 Silver ground carpet

    white ermine

    6 cockchafers


    Common marbled carpet

    Foxglove pug (?)

    Small square spot

    Unidentified micro

    + 2 moths that flew straight out the trap

    College Trap 1

    4 Flame shoulders

    Peppered Moth

    Heart & Dart

    Silver-ground carpet

    4 Poplar Hawkmoths

    Common Wave

    Pale Tussock

    Pale prominant

    Scalloped Hazel



    White Ermine

    Small Pheonix

    2 Unknown pugs

    Square spot

    Scorched wing

    small square spot

    Foxglove pug (?)

    Mottled beauty

    + 2 that flew away before ID

    College Trap 2

    Small pheonix

    4 Cockchafers

    Common marbled carpet

    Whiter ermine

    Common wave

    Green carpet

    Silver ground carpet

    lobesia reliquana

    College trap 3

    2 Sallow kitten

    Eyed hawkmoth

    Flame Shoulder

    White ermine

    Silver ground carpet

    Common marbled carpet

    heart and dart

    broad bordered underwing

    buff ermine

    straw dot

    small square spot

    the flame

    2 Middle barred minor (?)

    Juvenile palmate newt

    + common toad, common damselfly, garden chafer, ladybird larvae, oedemera nobilis!



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