• 1st June - We are inundated with cockchafers and hawkmoths!!

    Saturdays moth trapping was the best we've had yet - over 20 species - 2 species of hawkmoth - burying beetles - and about 15 cockchafers! The trap at Argal, that has always had the fewest species and abundance, was full to the brim with moths and beetles -

    Argal Trap 1

    Small phoenix

    3 muslin moth

    flame shoulder

    hebrew character

    brown silverline

    white ermine

    powdered quaker

    burying beetle

    3 cock chafers

    College Trap 1 -

    4 flame shoulders

    2 poplar hawkmoths

    common quaker

    hebrew character

    small phoenix

    pug spp.

    Pale pinion

    longhorn micro sp?

    Silver ground carpet

    Powdered Quaker

    10 Cockchafers

    1 Burying Beetle

    College Trap 2 -

    Small phoenix

    Common Wave


    Yellow barred brindle

    Poplar Hawkmoth

    2 Common marbled carpets

    Peach Blossom

    College Trap 3 -

    This was a pretty cool trap site, because its in a meadow field, and there were lots of moths hanging around the grass near the trap - eg. hawkmoths that we didnt notice straight away - and the moth of the day - an eyed hawkmoth!! This trap hadnt had anything in last week but we thought that it would be a good site when it was a better moon phase!

    Poplar Hawkmoth

    Eyed Hawkmoth

    Muslin moth

    Pale prominant

    Small phoenix

    Small square spot

    One noctuidae still being ID'd

    Image below photographs taken by Sam Perfect: (from top left to right)

    Small square spot, burying beetle, cockchafer, unidentified pug, longhorn micro spp., silver ground carpet, Still being ID'd, pale pinion, powdered quaker, white ermine, brown silverline, flame shoulder, muslin moth, poplar hawkmoth with pink underwings, popular hawkmoth. If you think we've ID'd wrong - let us know!!

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    • 1. Jun 2 2013 2:17PM by Jack

      It was a brilliant morning! It just shows how a change in the moon phase affects how many moths we catch!


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