• March 15th 2014 - Finally mothing!

    Welcome, welcome, to our first blog of 2014!

    After a very wet and stormy start to the year, we finally had a dry (and even sunny!) spell which gave us the chance to put out the moth traps without fear of them flooding or being blown away. We were greeted at 7am with wonderful views of the reservoir before heading off to check the traps!

    Argal Trap 1

    2 Hebrew Characters

    - These were released with care as a pesky robin was watching our every move!

    Argal Trap 2

    1 Chestnut

    College Trap 1

    1 Hebrew Character

    1 Tortricodes alternella

    College Trap 2

    1 Early Grey

    1 Hebrew Character

    1 Red-green carpet

    2 Dotted Borders

    1 Chestnut

    One of the Dotted Borders escaped soon after we’d identified it, and we followed it's flight until it landed on the underside of a branch – an ingenious place to hide!

    All photographs © Laura Richardson (richardsonwildlife.com)


    • 1. Mar 25 2014 3:01PM by Mike Wall

      Think you'll need to re-check that Acrobasis repandana. I suggest it is likely to be Tortricodes alternella. A.repandana is not flying until much later in the year.


    • 2. Mar 25 2014 3:20PM by ecosocmoths

      Thanks Mike


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