• National Moth Night Event - 9th August- no tigers but lots of footman!!

    I wasnt too optimistic as we headed home after setting the traps out last night - there was lots of rain in the air, and although it was really light and misty, I wasnt sure we were going to be very successfull in our trapping. As I went to collect the minibus from campus in the morning I was suprised to see 5 pretty cool species of moth just hanging out on the library window, including some lovely magpie moths - I had convinced myself the traps wouldnt have anything in due to a not so nice evening of light rain showers! We put just two traps out to make it a manageable task with just a small group of us - and was pleasantly suprised with the number and species we found! Unfortunately no tiger moths - instead we seemed to have lots of black arches, common footman,rosy footman and july highflyers! The rosy footman was a nice find - great colour, and looks really quite different from the other footmans! All in all it was a great catch!

    Argal Trap 2


    Clouded Border

    Rosy Footman 3

    Small phoenix

    Common footman 6

    Black arches 2

    Lesser broad bordered yellow underwing 3

    fame shoulder

    magpie moth 1

    early thorn

    dark arches

    yellow tail

    dunbar 2

    buff footman 2

    old looking wave of somekind!

    july highflyer 5

    purple clay

    riband wave

    another old looking moth!

    burying beetle


    College Trap 1

    Black arches 3

    buff footman 2

    dunbar 3

    common footman 8

    july highflyer 28

    flame shoulder 9

    rosy footman 8

    large yellow underwing

    crescent? (photo to follow)

    carpet unidentified (photo to follow)

    small fan footed wav e

    shield bug 3 (yet to be identified)


    knot grass

    small phoenix

    small wainscot

    carpet unidentified (photo to follow)

    agriphila tristella (?)


    white wave



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