• The Bioblitz! 8th June - thunderstorms dont dampen our spirits!

    Thankyou to everyone involved in the Bioblitz this year, it was a great day, with lots of species recorded! Volunteers were up at the crack of dawn organising equipment for the first activity of the day: mist netting! The nets were all set up at College Reservoir, and although they couldnt be open for long due to weather, there was still some pretty cool birds caught, including nuthatch, bullfinch and a great spotted woodpecker! Unfortunately a thunder storm was then fast approaching so volunteers had to run around retrieving moth and mammal traps, identifying catches and then running for cover themselves! We got a lovely bank vole from one of the traps at Argal Reservoir, and lots of moths to identify! Thankfully the rain then eased off and it turned into a boiling hot day! The experts then began to arrive and helped us to identify lots of species! Cornwall Bat Group began their bat box monitoring, and found two soprano pippistrelles in their boxes! CRAG unfortunately didnt find any reptiles or amphibians, but we did find a palmate newt later in the day! We had lots of cool activities including owl pellet analysis, clay animal making, bug houses, make a moth! and of course lots of leaflets about moths and the moth project! We had a lovely warm evening for the dusk bat walk and moth trapping demonstration by local experts and an impressive total of moths! We also had free shuttles running to Tremough campus activities including a bouncy castle!! A total of 330 species were recorded at the reservoirs, and 450 ish at Tremough Campus - making it an impressive day for species recording! We had 37 species of moth in total:

    Green Carpet

    Dark Barred Twin Spot Carpet

    Pale Tussock

    Small Phoenix

    Buff Footman

    White Ermine

    Poplar Hawkmoth

    Flame Shoulder

    Square Spot Rustic ??

    Peach Blossom

    Broken-Barred Carpet

    Common White Wave

    Common Quaker

    Clouded Drab

    Small Square Spot

    Short Cloaked

    Muslin Moth

    Brown Silverline

    Common Marbled Carpet

    Purple Clay

    Silver Y

    Silver Ground Carpet

    Common Wave

    Gorse Moth

    Mycopterix Cathella

    Bactra Lancealana


    Red Twin Spot Carpet

    Buff Tip

    Small Angle SHades

    Small RIvulet

    Clouded Border

    Pale Prominant

    Devon Carpet

    Scalloped Hazel

    Flame Carpet

    Peppered Moth

    Photographs from top left to right with photographer: Bat Box Monitoring (Taken by Oliver WIlks), Muslin Moth Close up (Laura J P RIchardson) Pale Tussock (Laura J P Richardson) Cornwall Bat Group showing a family a soprano bat (Oliver Wilks) Close up of Soprano Pip (Oliver Wilks) Animal Quiz Trail (Oliver Wilks) Common frog (Oliver Wilks) Volunteer identifying moths (Kathy Thomas) Mammal skull from owl pellet (Oliver Wilks) Volunteer retrieving a pitfall trap (Oliver Wilks) Argal Reservoir (Oliver Wilks) Volunteer being shown how to age a black bird (Laura J P Richarson) Volunteer ringing a bullfinch (Laura J P RIcharson) Bank vole caught in longworth trap (Laura J P Richardson) Black bird from mist netting (Laura J P Richardson) Blue Butterfly (Laura Richardson)

    Silver Y Moth found at College Reservoir (Taken by Laura J P RIcharson)

    A lovely Buff Tip found at College Reservoir (Taken by Samuel Perfect)



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