• What a great week for mothing! July 10th & 14th

    This week, to make the most of this amazing weather we've been having, we've been out twice to see which species we're finding! Lots of new species in the traps including my personal favourite - the buff arches - and a long anticipated species ..we saw a pinkish wing poking out from under an eggbox and instantly new that we had finally got the hawkmoth we'd been waiting for, the elephant!! Everyone grabbed their cameras eager for a photo with it, as they seem to sit so easily on your hand! After the excitement of checking the first trap with an elephant hawmoth in, we were very pleased to find a second waiting in our text trap over at College Reservoir!

    Wednesday was slightly hectic as we now have all 5 traps in working order - as due to these pretty great conditions, we were absolutely inundated with moths to identify. This was a great chance for everyone to have a go and has brought our total species count of moths for both reservoirs to 120 species! This is a great time for anyone interested in joining us to come along, as we've got lots of really interesting moths popping up in the traps, so remember to take a look at the events calendar and email acn202@exeter.ac.uk to sign up!

    Some other notably cool species was the pebble prominant which has awesomly fluffy legs, some lovely buff tips, lots of lovely green moths - the light emeralds, and some drinkers which were really cool!

    Wednesday 10th July

    Argal New Trap

    Garden Carpet

    White Ermine 2

    Common Marbled Carpet 2

    Riband Wave 2

    Heart & Dart 5

    Dotted Rustic

    The flame 2

    Buff ermine

    Toadflax pug?

    Ingrailed clay

    smokey wainscot

    Bright lined brown eye 2

    Small rivulet

    Marbled white spot

    Dark fruit tree tortrix 2

    Agapeta hamana

    Powdered quaker 4

    Brown Chinamark

    Common footman

    Unknown geometrid (see photo!)

    Argal Trap 1

    Buff Ermie 7

    The flame

    Common footman 1


    Riband wave 5

    double square spot

    udea olivaris

    dark fruit tree tortrix 2



    small fan footed wave

    ingrailed clay

    College Trap 1

    3 Poplar hawkmoths

    light emerald 2

    flame shoulder

    silver ground carpet

    white ermine 3

    escapee plume moth

    puss moth caterpillar!

    buff ermine 3


    peppered moth 2

    pale tussock

    riband wave 3

    caddisfly 4

    blood vein

    purple clay

    large yellow underwing

    clouded border

    double square spot

    toadflax pug?

    dark marbled carpet

    5 escapees!

    College Trap 2

    Light emerald 5

    coronet 2

    riband wave

    small phoneix

    buff arches

    white ermine

    riband wave 2

    brown china mark 4

    pebble promiant

    green carpet



    common wave

    buff ermine 5


    heart & dart 2

    grey arches

    eudonia lacustrata

    purple clay

    common marbled carpet

    double square spot 2

    mottled beauty

    scalloped hazel

    large fruit tree tortrix

    College Trap 3

    Heart & dart 6

    straw dot

    white ermine

    buff tip

    peppered moth

    buff ermine 2

    pebble prominant

    larege yellow underwing 2

    buff arches 2

    dark arches

    middle barred minor

    marbled minor

    bramble shoot moth

    For sundays trapping we decided to put fewer traps out, as we had fewer people attending the event and didnt want to be leaving the moths in too long in all this hot weather! We still had lots of great moths though - images will follow shortly!

    Sunday 14th July

    Argal New Trap

    Brimstone 2

    Riband wave

    Purple clay 2

    white ermine

    heart and dart 5

    the flame 1

    double square spot 4

    lychnis 2

    marbled minor 2

    bright line brown eye

    ingrailed clay

    marbled whit spot


    light emerald

    green silver lines

    lesser cream wave

    uncertain 9

    large yellow underwing 2

    buff arches

    white point 1

    clay 2

    agraphilla genus

    eudonia lacustrata

    grey dagger

    ingrailed clay 2

    middle barred minor 1

    mottled beauty

    dark arches

    burying beetle

    2 unID micro

    Pug UnID

    Argal Trap 1

    Elephant hawkmoth

    brimstone 3

    double square spot 5

    buff ermine 6

    drinker 2

    common emerald

    green pug 3


    riband wave 3

    coronet 2

    grey dagger 2

    rufous minor

    buff tip

    dot moth 2

    july highflyer 2

    triple spotted clay 4

    burying beatle

    willow beauty

    middle barred minor

    marbled white spot

    white ermine


    ingrailed clay

    feathered beauty

    grey pug

    interesting looking micro or caddisfly all black with long antenna pincer like front legs!

    College Trap 1

    Brimstone 2

    Coronet 5

    white ermine

    flame shoulder 3

    July Highflyer 3

    Buff ermine 2

    large yellow underwing 2


    the flame

    purple clay 2

    brown china moth 2

    july highflyer

    heart & dart 2

    light emerald

    riband wave


    small angle shades 4

    mottled beauty 3

    poplar grey 1


    clouded border

    wainscot sp.

    dot moth


    sandy carpet

    green arches

    eudonia lacustrata

    elephant hawkmoth

    2 unknown carpets

    PHOTOS: Top photo of a Brussels Lace (Thankyou Paul Wakelin for ID assistance!), taken by Dave Jones. The second group of photos were taken by Laurie Belcher and feature a drinker, a buff tip looking very twig like!! elephant hawkmoth and a green silver lines.


    • 1. Jul 28 2013 9:42AM by Paul Wakelin

      I think the top moth is a Brussels Lace

    • 2. Jul 28 2013 2:18PM by Ali North

      Brilliant, thanks Paul!


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