• 1st October - Merveille du Jour and lots of micro's!

    Another great morning mothing at the reservoirs today! A dedicated bunch of us headed down in the not so great cornish weather - it had been drizzeling in the night but all the traps were nicely sheltered so we still got a good number of moths! Three traps were out and the moth I was personally quite excited about was the Merveille du Jour found sitting on the outside of the first trap we checked at Argal. I've always heard of this species and so was excited to see it on one of our own traps! The merveille du jour was the target species for the National Moth Night several years ago so its great that we can provide another bit of data for this species! We also had tonnes of tortrixes hanging around the outside of the traps. Tortrix are definitely the best micros to get as some of them are at least semi-possible to identify unlike many of the other micros! Autumn is definitely bringing in some nice new species, so if you're interested in helping us with the project remember come along to our next session! Full species list to follow soon!



  • Looking for moths in the mist!!

    The weather down here in Cornwall has been pretty eery lately, we seem to be constantly covered in a thick fog down here! After a hectic September due to everyone starting back at uni for the next academic year, mothing is back and we'll be heading to the reservoirs on Tuesday to see what we can find! We've never done trapping in October so it will be interesting to see what is about! Last week saw a huge intake of new students to the university and we welcomed them by having a nice early event to find moths!! We held this on campus to try and encourage high attendance and although we only got about 5 moths, everyone seemed interested in the ones we did have, including some nice large yellow underwings!



  • 31st August – the nights may be drawing in but the moths are very much out and about!

    Last friday evening we deployed three of the moth traps and come saturday morning (31st Aug) were very pleased to find the traps full with plenty of fantastic moths. The July highflyers were brimming with over 50 in just the one trap, we were very happy to see a good number of the very lovely black arches, beautiful brimstones and a very elegant burnished brass but were also treated to the fantastic sight of the stunning frosted orange. Pictured below. Thanks to those who came to help and here are the full lists of what we saw ….

    Argal Trap 1

    2 Black arches

    14 Flame shoulder

    1 Acleris laterana

    2 Eudonia lacustrata

    1 Magpie

    2 Common rustic

    4 Flounced rustic

    17 Large yellow underwing

    Brown china mark

    2 Purple bar

    Dingy footman

    4 Small phoenix

    3 July highflyer

    2 Rustic

    13 Small square spot

    1 Lesser broad bordered yellow underwing

    1 Frosted orange

    Argal Trap 2

    4 July highflyer

    4 Small phoenix

    2 Flame shoulder

    3 Small square spot

    3 Lesser broad bordered yellow underwing

    1 Eudonia lacustrata

    1 Brimstone

    1 Large yellow underwing

    1 Magpie

    College trap 1

    9 Black arches

    52 July highflyer

    6 Brown china mark

    3 Rosy footman

    1 Burnished brass

    1 Peach blossom

    1 Yellow shell

    1 Common wave

    1 Common rustic

    4 Dwarf cream wave

    1 Early thorn

    3 Brimsone

    4 Small phoenix

    1 Knotgrass

    2 Flame carpet

    5 Lesser broad bordered yellow underwing

    13 Flame shoulder

    3 Dark sword grass

    2 Flounced rustic

    10 Large yellow underwing

    8 Small square spot

    1 Straw dot

    1 Eudonia lacustrata

    1 Treble lines? (tbc)

    1 Fen wainscot? (tbc)

    1 Rush wainscot? (tbc)



  • National Moth Night Event - 9th August- no tigers but lots of footman!!

    I wasnt too optimistic as we headed home after setting the traps out last night - there was lots of rain in the air, and although it was really light and misty, I wasnt sure we were going to be very successfull in our trapping. As I went to collect the minibus from campus in the morning I was suprised to see 5 pretty cool species of moth just hanging out on the library window, including some lovely magpie moths - I had convinced myself the traps wouldnt have anything in due to a not so nice evening of light rain showers! We put just two traps out to make it a manageable task with just a small group of us - and was pleasantly suprised with the number and species we found! Unfortunately no tiger moths - instead we seemed to have lots of black arches, common footman,rosy footman and july highflyers! The rosy footman was a nice find - great colour, and looks really quite different from the other footmans! All in all it was a great catch!

    Argal Trap 2


    Clouded Border

    Rosy Footman 3

    Small phoenix

    Common footman 6

    Black arches 2

    Lesser broad bordered yellow underwing 3

    fame shoulder

    magpie moth 1

    early thorn

    dark arches

    yellow tail

    dunbar 2

    buff footman 2

    old looking wave of somekind!

    july highflyer 5

    purple clay

    riband wave

    another old looking moth!

    burying beetle


    College Trap 1

    Black arches 3

    buff footman 2

    dunbar 3

    common footman 8

    july highflyer 28

    flame shoulder 9

    rosy footman 8

    large yellow underwing

    crescent? (photo to follow)

    carpet unidentified (photo to follow)

    small fan footed wav e

    shield bug 3 (yet to be identified)


    knot grass

    small phoenix

    small wainscot

    carpet unidentified (photo to follow)

    agriphila tristella (?)


    white wave



  • National Moth Night this week!! Time to look for tiger moths!!

    Come along to our event in aid of National Moth Night this week! Ours is a morning event, but we may get tiger moths!! and if not, we hope to get some cool species anyway!! Our event is on Friday morning 7:15am for Tremough pick up, or 7:30am meet at Argal car park. Email acn202@exeter.ac.uk to sign up so we have an idea of numbers!

    Picture below of the targeted tiger species for this years event, more info can be found on the National Moth Night website: http://www.mothnight.info/www/




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